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The physicians at MJF Rehabilitation, PA are equipped to diagnose and treat ailments pertaining to many body organ systems. Our goal is to employ tools including careful listening, thorough physical examination, imaging and nerve study, and to review your prior medical history with you in effort to discover the root cause of your ailment.  Once we have worked together to identify a treatable condition, our passion is to help you make an informed decision about your treatment options by providing education, reviewing your imaging or nerve studies with you, visual demonstration of techniques, exercises or abnormalities on skeletal models, and answering your questions.  Improving your quality of life with our quality of care, we encourage you to make informed decisions regarding the treatment options we offer. Together, we can employ non-surgical, non-narcotic treatment plans to reduce pain and restore function.  Check out some of the conditions we treat and the respective treatment options listed below!

Let's Work Together!! //



Migraine headaches can be a life-changing, debilitating, and quality of life limiting condition.  We understand many of you have tried multiple medications without much success, unfortunately.  Let us talk to you about botox injection treatments for migraines that have been resistant to medication treatment.  This is an in office procedure aimed at reducing headache severity and frequency, and at improving your quality of life.  Click the link below to access the Allergan website for more information about this innovative treatment.  





Whether your condition warrants an inpatient our outpatient approach, Drs. Foster and Shaw are trained to direct your rehabilitation and to improve your function.


Abnormal muscle tightness can occur after various neurological injuries, including stroke, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injury. This is commonly referred to as Spasticity. Or, this can occur in isolation such as Cervical Dystonia, a turning of the head and neck that is not under your control and can be quite painful.  Do you have abnormal tightness of muscles in the arm, leg, or neck? Did this occur after your stroke or brain injury? Does this trouble you, but you are unsure the cause? Schedule an appointment to come talk with us.  We offer botox treatments to reduce muscle spasm and allow for more useful function of the involved arm or leg, or to allow improved head positioning and to lessen pain.  We can also help figure out the cause if you are unsure; for example, we can perform nerve studies to diagnose the true cause. We also are knowledgeable about bracing, rehabilitation, and oral medications to treat these conditions. The links below have more information about muscle tightness and spasm in neurological conditions.



Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians are well versed in caring for individuals with limb loss. We often prescribe prostheses, manage limb and phantom pain, assist with skin care, and utilize many tools to improve your function.  We proudly support care for Veterans with limb loss and the wounded warrior project.  Click the link below to make a contribution.



Drs. Foster and Shaw are working diligently with Peterson Regional Medical Center to expand sports medicine programs. We have, and will continue, to offer Pre-participation Sports Physicals and Functional Movement Screening (FMS) to assess for asymmetries in motion that may predispose to injury. FMS can assist in developing exercise prescriptions directed at correcting risky movement patterns to limit overal risk for injury, such as ACL tear.  Click the link below to learn more about FMS.







Hill Country Muscle & Nerve is available all season long to care for sprains, strains, and non-surgical athletic injuries.  



Physiatrists employ bracing in conditions including foot drop, knee pain, tennis elbow, hand and finger disorders, ankle sprains and many more.  Let's work together to improve your function, lessen pain, and reduce fall risk.  We can help you make an informed decision on whether bracing is right for you.  



Do you suffer from back pain or neck pain?  Schedule an appointment and let's work together to reduce your pain and improve your quality of life.

- Careful listening and Hands-On Physical Diagnosis


- Nerve and Muscle Studies to check for Sciatica

- In Depth review of your imaging with you

- Exercise Prescriptions and Rehabilitation

- Injection Procedures


- Non-Narcotic Short-Term Medication Management 




Head injury is a serious condition. Regardless if you're a high school football player after a spear tackle, a contractor who had a run in with a beam, or a rancher thrown from a horse you're mind is a precious thing.  Let us guide your through your recovery after concussion. 



Numbness. Tingling. Prickly feeling. Burning. Electrical sensations.  These are just a few of the ways folks commonly describe conditions related to nerve damage.  We have been expert trained in electrodiagnosis, a means of assesing nerve health.  This gentle procedure is performed in less than an hour, in the physician office, and your results are explained to you in real-time, as the test is ongoing!.  Call and schedule an appointment with us today.  Don't let your love for guitar playing suffer any longer because your hands are numb and painful. Don't risk any more falls because you have lost the feeling in  your feet.  No more hand shaking in the middle of the night.  Are you tired of that pain shooting down your leg? Come in and lets discuss nerve testing and treatment options.  Watch the video below to learn more.



Drs. Foster and Shaw are experts in spinal cord injury medicine.  A physiatrist is rigorously trained in caring for the changes that occur to every organ system following spinal cord injury, including muscle weakness, loss of sensation, heart and lung changes, bowel and bladder function changes, conditions of the skin and wounds, coping and adjustment, family planning and sexual health, and equipment needs including wheelchair prescription.

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